Don’t miss your opportunity to view all that Morro Bay has to offer,

both above water and below.

Explore Morro Bay With Sub Sea Tours

The 21-passenger Coast Guard approved  (semi-submersible vessel) SSV SEAVIEW boasts a viewing room located beneath the surface of the water, with windows located on both sides of the boat and a roomy bench perfect for relaxed viewing.  With Sub Sea Tours even young children can scope out marine life like schools of fish, jellyfish and kelp, from inside the boat! You also get a chance to see, from above deck, our local sea otter, harbor seal and sea lion populations.  With the calm conditions of Morro Bay, the Morro Bay Sub Sea Tour provides adults and children alike with an educational and fun experience that can’t be beat!

“A truly epic experience! ”

Sub Sea Boat Tour

As the SSV SEAVIEW begins the 45-minute narrated tour of Morro Bay, keep an eye out for a dozen or so species of sea birds diving, feeding and cruising the harbor, as well as other local wildlife.  When we get to the Super Secret Spot at the northern end of the bay, you can go below to view the fish.  As the skipper (or a little helper) tosses food over the side of the boat, watch the fish come to life and swim right up to the windows.

“Let us take the wheel as you sit back, relax, and enjoy the exceptional Morro Bay vistas ”